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Modern Permanent Makeup & Clinical Skin Care Treatments You Can Trust

eyebrows makeup
eyeliner makeup


$550 including initial touch-up

Customized For Your Needs

Abby uses only machine techniques to achieve both soft natural results or more bold upon individual preference. Your semi-permanent eyebrows are completely customized for your specific face shape, natural hair growth and colour. You can expect the results to last anywhere from 1-3 years before needing to return for a colour boost.


$300-$550 including initial touch-up

Enhance & Frame Your Eyes

Permanent eyeliner is completely customized to compliment your specific eye shape. Lash enhancement liner is considered to be a natural and subtle enhancement to the lash line making it appear both darker and fuller. From this, we can expand into more traditional thicker eyeliner, winged or smoky.

Lips makeup


$400 including initial touch-up

Boost Colour, Shape & Restore Symmetry

As one of the most newly popular cosmetic procedures, this treatment has helped countless clients feel more confident and happier with their own lips. Semi-Permanent lip tattooing will last anywhere from 1-3 years before needing a colour boost.



$40 - Add Dermaplaning

$450 - Package of 3

Customized for Your Skin Care Goals

 Whether you struggle with Rosacea, sensitive/reactive skin, acne, oily skin, enlarged or clogged pores, dry skin, or simply just want to refresh and detoxify your skin- this is the facial for you!

Also available as a back treatment.

This is an non-invasive treatment that utilizes powerful suction to exfoliate, detoxify, re-hydrate and replenish your skin.

E X F O L I A T E- Loosens dry, dead skin cells, dirt and other types of debris to unclog pores

D E T O X I F Y- Thoroughly deep cleans pores by flushing out excess oil and impurities

R E H Y D R A T E- Infuses Hyaluronic Acid deeper into the skin, restoring hydration

R E P L E N I S H- Shower renewed skin with a custom blend of antioxidants and peptides to give a healthy glow inside & out. 

eyeliner makeup
Lips makeup



Precise Resurfacing & Peach Fuzz Removal

Dermaplaning is an exfoliation technique that refinishes the epidermis through a controlled scraping. This technique will remove any vellus hair (peach fuzz) and dead skin cells on the outermost surface. You can expect the results to last 4-8+ weeks.


$600 - Package of 3

Collagen Induction Therapy

Microneedling involves a sterile tip with 12+ needles. We first cleanse, disinfect and then numb the skin with a topical anaesthetic. We use hyaluronic acid during the treatment to aid in hydration. This technique will create hundreds of tiny micro-channels in the skin allowing for maximum product absorption and penetration, breaking up scar tissue, rebuilding/stimulating collagen to soften and puff out fine lines and wrinkles. A complimentary skin consultation and $100 non-refundable deposit or package purchase is required before booking the full treatment.

eyebrows makeup



20% Multi-fruit Glycolic

A gentle peel with a 20% multi-fruit glycolic acid complex to exfoliate the epidermis while conditioning the skin to a fresh and radiant complexion. It contains grape wine polyphenols to condition the skin and offer antioxidant benefits. Sugar cane derived glycolic acid removes dead skin cells to clear the path for new, younger looking skin.


Additional Esthetic Services

Abby has been doing esthetics for over 3 years and specialises in advanced skin care, brow shaping & artistry, and waxing. She also offers basic pedicures with the possibility to add on paraffin, gel polish or pedique upgrades.

$20 - Add Enzyme Peel




At Permanent Cosmetics by Abby, I believe that our clients and their individual needs come first. But in an unregulated industry flooded with new products and procedures, we must make sure that health and safety are never compromised. I therefore take a precautionary approach, always opting for safe and tested solutions. I as a specialist, do my utmost to get to know my clients, and work with them towards finding the right treatment for every concern they might have. If you want to hear more about our permanent make-up procedures, medical grade skin care treatments or esthetic services, contact us today!

Permanent Eyebrows Makeup in Progress

"Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work"